Blue Link Not Working (Reasons + Solutions)

Automotive technology has evolved a lot in the last decades. Demonstrating solid usability, Artificial Intelligence has made its way to your car. Bluelink is one of those AI-based softwares that makes your vehicle experience exponentially better.

But it’s a bummer when it doesn’t work. So, why is your car’s blue link not working?

The most common reason is not having a blue link subscription. You need a subscription to use the blue link. Inability to find the blue link reset button and problems with the car’s radio connection can induce blue link issues as well. A system code error may also not let you use the blue link.

Don’t worry, we are not here to only list all the problems. We have an entire article to educate you about the problems and provide solutions to them.

If you are intrigued, read this article till the end. We hope your problems will be solved. 

Blue Link Not Working – What’s the Issue?

blue link not working

There can be several reasons behind your car’s blue link refusing to work. It is difficult to compile all the problems together. Rather it would be easier for you and us to focus primarily on the common issues and fixes.

If your car’s blue link is broken due to any unique problem, we recommend you to contact your car dealer and in necessary, Hyundai Helpline. So now, let’s look at some common issues for which your car’s blue link may not work –

Missing Blue Link Subscription

This is confusing to many Hyundai car owners. Well, why wouldn’t it be! Suppose you bought a car, you would think that the blue link comes with it. But no, that’s not the case here. You need a separate blue link subscription.

If you don’t have a MyHyundai account or an active blue link subscription, your blue link won’t work.

This might be the issue you’re having with your car’s blue link. Well, even if it’s not you, a huge portion of users don’t have an active subscription.

Trouble Finding the Reset Button

Whether it’s your car or any electronic that you own, the first resort to fix any system problems is resetting the device. It’s the same for your car’s blue link too.

If you see your car’s blue link not responding, you should search for the reset button.

But many Hyundai owners face severe trouble finding the reset button on the system panel. This can be an issue in case your car’s blue link has stopped working. So, never lose the owner’s manual of your car. That can make your life easier.

Disrupting Radio Connection

A bad radio connection can induce problems with your car’s blue link. To check if it’s the issue or not, go into the ‘Settings’. Then navigate to ‘Blue Link’ and then ‘Status’. Some provisional information should come on the screen.

If the screen shows all zeros, the blue link may not be working due to a problem with the radio connection or the stereo. Also, it can be caused by any issues with the nearest cell tower as radio connections fully depend on that.

System Code Error

Another thing that you can get when your blue link refuses to work is some system error codes. Such codes are designed in a way to let you know the underlying issues without trying to troubleshoot.

It’s just like an oil minder which gives you an indication of when you’ve 0% oil life but in codes. Usually, the owner’s manual got the interpretation of such system error codes.

It can lead you to the actual issue of the problem if you can decode what’s on the screen. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, you may try to search the code on the web.

Get Your Car’s Blue Link Working!

The first thing you need to ensure is that you have a MyHyundai account with an active blue link subscription. You can’t use your car’s blur link without it.

Usually, you get a blue link subscription for 3 years when you purchase the car.

But after 3 years, you need to renew the subscription to be able to use the blur link. So first, make sure if you have it or not. If the blue link subscription is there, try finding the rest button and reset the blue link.

It will fix any system issues with the blue link and restore it to default settings. Sometimes that may resolve the issue with the blue link that you are having. If you face trouble finding the blue link reset button, refer to section 4 of the owner’s manual.

That section will help you locate the button and you can now reset it. To reset, just press the pinhole button down for around ten seconds and that’s it. For your assistance, the button should be somewhere around the volume knob.

If the provisional information that we suggested you check in the “Disrupting Radio Connection” section indicates a problem with radio or stereo, then replacing that is your best bet.

If you wish to replace your car stereo or radio, you can choose from the recommendation list down below –

The problem can be with the car’s battery too. So, check the battery as well when the numbers on the provisional information are not all zeros.

A problem with the battery can shut the radio connection down. Thus, causing the blur link not to work.

The system code issues can be fixed with a reset as well. Just go to Blue Link > Settings > Reactivate, once you have reset your car’s blue link.

If you have run the procedure discussed so far, chances are high that you will get the blue link working.

If you still can’t, contact your dealer and Hyundai Helpline. If your blue link is running on an old software version, you may need a software update as well.

What Is Blue Link All About?

Bluelink is a unique feature-rich AI-based software that is bundled with modern Hyundai cars. It can be referred to as a high-tech connected vehicle system. It depends on radio signals and has an abundance of helpful features.

You can remotely lock or unlock your car, adjust car temperature, start your car, track and diagnose your car’s health, and many other things. 


Should I invest in Hyundai Blue Link?

There’s no definite answer to that. Hyundai Blue Link has a lot of features to offer. But it comes down to whether you feel it’s important to you or not.

Can I use Hyundai Blue Link for free?

With purchasing a Hyundai car, the manufacturer offers a 3-year free trial period. So, you can use it for 3 years totally free. After that, you’ll need a subscription.

Should I be worried that my Blue Link is not working?

It’s not something to worry about. If everything is fine, a reset can fix the issues you are having. Otherwise, if you want to discontinue the service, you can.

Wrap Up!

So, that’s the end. We hope you are now aware of why your car’s blue link not working. If you need any further assistance, you can contact your dealer or talk to the Hyundai Helpline. If you have any feedback, let us know.

Best of luck on your future journey.

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