Blue Link Not Working (11 Reasons + Solutions)

Automotive technology has evolved a lot in the last decades. Demonstrating solid usability, Artificial Intelligence has made its way to your car. Bluelink is one of those AI-based software that makes your vehicle experience exponentially better.

If the Hyundai bluelink not working, there could be various reasons for the issue. Here’s a list of possible reasons:

  • Poor Internet Connection
  • Subscription Status
  • Vehicle Compatibility
  • Outdated App
  • Account Credentials
  • Vehicle Ignition Status
  • Battery Issues
  • GPS Signal
  • Hyundai Server Status
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Service Outages

Don’t worry, we are not here to only list all the problems. We have an entire article to educate you about the problems and provide solutions to them.

What is Hyundai Blue Link?

hyundai blue link problems

Bluelink is a unique feature-rich AI-based software that is bundled with modern Hyundai cars. It can be referred to as a high-tech connected vehicle system. It depends on radio signals and has an abundance of helpful features.

You can remotely lock or unlock your car, adjust car temperature, start your car, track and diagnose your car’s health, and many other things. 

Hyundai Blue Link Not Working: 11 Reasons

There can be several reasons behind your car’s blue link refusing to work. It is difficult to compile all the problems together. Rather it would be easier for you and us to focus primarily on the common issues and fixes:

Reason 1: Poor Internet Connection

A shaky internet connection can stop Blue Link’s performance. Ensure you have a stable connection for uninterrupted service.


Ensure you are in an area with a stable internet connection or consider switching to a different network. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect the Hyundai Blue Link app:

hyundai blue link not activating

  • Download and Install the App: Open the Google Play Store/iPhone app store on your device. Search for “Hyundai Blue Link” and tap on the official app. Download and install the app on your device.
  • Open the App: Once the installation is complete, open the Hyundai Blue Link app.
  • Log In or Create an Account: If you have an existing Hyundai account, log in with your credentials. If you don’t have an account, tap on “Sign Up” or “Create Account” to set up a new one.
  • Add Your Hyundai Vehicle: Follow the on-screen instructions to add your Hyundai vehicle to the app.
    Provide the necessary details about your vehicle.
  • Connect Your Vehicle: Depending on your Hyundai model, you may need to follow specific steps to connect your vehicle. This may involve entering a PIN or following a pairing process.
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions: Review and accept any terms and conditions presented by the app to proceed.
  • Enable Permissions: Allow the app to access necessary permissions, such as location services, to enable certain features.
  • Explore Features: Once the connection is established, explore the app’s features, including remote start, climate control, and vehicle status.

Reason 2: Subscription Status

Expired or inactive subscriptions can render Blue Link non-functional. Confirm your subscription status for seamless connectivity.


Renew your Blue Link subscription if it has expired or contact customer support for assistance.

Reason 3: Vehicle Compatibility

Not all Hyundai models support Blue Link. Verify if your vehicle is compatible with the service.


If your vehicle is not Blue Link compatible, explore alternative Hyundai services or consider upgrading your vehicle.

Reason 4: Outdated App

Using an outdated Blue Link app? Update it promptly to access the latest features and bug fixes.


Visit your app store and Hyundai Bluelink update to the latest version for improved functionality.

Reason 5: Account Credentials

Double-check your account credentials. Incorrect login details can lead to connectivity issues.


Double-check your username and password. Reset your password if needed to ensure accurate account information.

Reason 6: Vehicle Ignition Status

Hyundai Blue Link troubleshooting if your vehicle is not in the right ignition status. Ensure the car is in the correct state for remote commands.


Make sure your vehicle is in the correct ignition status for remote commands to work effectively.

Reason 7: Battery Issues

Low car battery? Blue Link may not function correctly. Keep your vehicle’s battery charged for optimal performance.


Charge your vehicle’s battery or replace it if necessary. Blue Link relies on a functioning battery.

Reason 8: GPS Signal

Blue Link relies on GPS for location-based services. A weak GPS signal can disrupt its functionality.


Move to an open area with a clear view of the sky to improve GPS signal strength.

Reason 9: Hyundai Server Status

Check the status of Hyundai servers. Server issues can affect Blue Link’s performance.


Check Hyundai’s official website or contact customer support to inquire about server status.

Reason 10: Hardware Malfunction

Faulty hardware components can cause Blue Link to malfunction. Seek professional assistance for hardware-related issues.


Consult with Hyundai service professionals to diagnose and address any hardware issues promptly.

Reason 11: Service Outages

Sometimes, service outages can disrupt Blue Link connectivity. Check for any reported outages in your area.


Stay informed about any reported service outages in your area and wait for them to be resolved.


Should I invest in Hyundai Blue Link?

There’s no definite answer to that. Hyundai Blue Link has a lot of features to offer. But it comes down to whether you feel it’s important to you or not.

Can I use the Hyundai Blue Link for free?

With purchasing a Hyundai car, the manufacturer offers a 3-year free trial period. So, you can use it for 3 years totally free. After that, you’ll need a subscription.

Should I be worried that my Blue Link is not working?

It’s not something to worry about. If everything is fine, a reset can fix the issues you are having. Otherwise, if you want to discontinue the service, you can.

Is Blue Link customer support available 24/7?

Yes, Blue Link customer support is available round the clock for any assistance you may need.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, understanding the reasons behind Hyundai Blue Link issues is crucial for a seamless experience. We hope you are now aware of why your car’s blue link not working.

If you need any further assistance, you can contact your dealer or talk to the Hyundai Helpline. If you have any feedback, let us know.

Best of luck on your future journey.


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