Bobcat Hydraulic Oil Equivalent (Maximize Performance)

Bobcat recommends SAE 10W (W for winter) or SAE 30 non-detergent oil. These are both single-grade oils.

Bobcat machines typically come with 10W-30 weight oil, which works best in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 90°F. 15W-40 weight oil works well in temperatures ranging from -5°F to 110°F.

If Bobcat fluid is not available, you can use the 10W-30 or 10W-40 class.

To name a few, ISO 46 hydraulic oil, AW 32, and AW 46 are the best bobcat hydraulic oil equivalents. These hydraulic oils have similar components to Bobcat hydraulic oils. Reputable brands like Chevron, Mobil, and Shell have these oil types in their production line. 

Keep on reading to find out more about these oil equivalents down below:

Bobcat Hydraulic Oil Specs: Quick Overview

Bobcat recommends using hydraulic oil that adheres to stringent specifications to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment. The chart below outlines key specifications for Bobcat hydraulic oil:

Property Specification
Viscosity Grade ISO 46
Anti-Wear Properties Yes
Rust and Oxidation Inhibitors Present
Foam Suppressants Included
Viscosity Index High (maintains consistency in varying temperatures)

Factors to Consider Before Finding Bobcat Equivalent 

Before moving on to Bobcat oil equivalents, here are some factors you need to consider while buying the alternative:

Manufacturers Specification

Each machine manual comes with specific requirements for their hydraulic fluid. While picking the equivalent oil for Bobcat equipment, check your manual to find out the recommended hydraulic oil specifications.

Viscosity Grade

The viscosity grade of your oil needs to be based on the operating temperature of your equipment. For example, ISO 32 and ISO 46 are the viscosity grades of hydraulic oils. You need to match the viscosity from the manual.


If the oils are not compatible, the gaskets, seals, and other materials in the hydraulic system can easily get damaged. You’ll understand there’s something wrong when your Bobcat flashes warning lights. So, make sure to check the compatibility of the equivalent oil with the materials.

ISO Cleanliness Code

A lower ISO cleanliness code indicates cleaner oil which is crucial for preventing contamination. It also maintains the efficiency of hydraulic components.

Typically, Bobcat suggests using a hydraulic oil that complies with ISO 46 viscosity grade standards.


Picking the biodegradable oil is important if you operate in environmentally sensitive areas. So. check the environmental considerations and pick an equivalent accordingly.

Quality & Brand

Oils from reputable brands ensure consistency and quality. In this case, picking a trusted manufacturer can ensure the product’s performance.  


Additives such as anti-wear agents, rust inhibitors, and anti-foaming agents are very important in hydraulic oils. These can enhance the oil’s performance and protect the hydraulic system.

So, check which additives are present and pick accordingly.


Choosing a high-grade hydraulic oil can increase the price. However, the use of high-quality oil can ensure the avoidance of equipment damage and ensure optimal performance.

What Hydraulic Oils are Normally Used in Bobcats?

Bobcat recommends using their custom blend of hydraulic fluid for their equipment. These are designed to meet the high-performance requirements of Bobcat machines. 

Best Bobcat Hydraulic Oil Equivalent

Source: Bobcat Zone

However, some users have reported using AW32 or AW46 hydraulic oils in their Bobcats. This indicates a range of viscosity oils are suitable for various applications.

With that in mind, check out the best Bobcat oil equivalents in the following segment. 

Bobcat Hydraulic Oil Equivalent: Best Oil Type

Before moving onto the discussion about which brands meet the requirements best, here are the oil types that are most suited to Bobcat:

1. ISO 46 Hydraulic Fluid

ISO 46 Hydraulic fluid can be a great alternative for Bobcat Hydraulic oils. This general-purpose hydraulic fluid meets the viscosity requirements for most Bobcat machines.

It’s mostly suitable for providing fluidity through seasonal changes and high-temperature situations.  

2. AW32 and AW46

You can also use these two types of oil from any reputed brand. Users have given positive reviews about using AW32 and AW46 as alternatives. This is due to the good cooling power of bobcat machinery.

Their oil cooler ensures control of high-temperature oils.

3. 10w-30 Motor Oil

You can also use 10w-30 Motor Oil as an alternative for Bobcat hydraulic oil. Standard hydraulic fluid can damage Bobcat pumps and seals.

Some say that once Bobcat skid steers are out of warranty, 10w 30 motor oil will suffice. A Bobcat dealer said that for older machines, it would be best to use 10W30 motor oil and not ATF fluid.

So it’s best to avoid this grade of oil if you have other alternatives available.

Oil Type to Avoid as Bobcat Hydraulic Oil Equivalent

You should also be aware of the hydraulic oils that aren’t compatible with Bobcat equipment. Mainly Automatic Transmission Fluids and Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids are the ones you should avoid. 

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Though ATF and hydraulic fluid share some similarities, they are not interchangeable. ATF doesn’t have the same anti-wear properties as hydraulic fluid. So, it can easily damage your Bobcat’s hydraulic system.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

These types of fluids are incompatible with all Bobcat machines. So if you use them and something happens to your machinery, the warranty of your machine will become void.

Best Brands for Picking Bobcat Hydraulic Fluid Equivalent

Each brand in the market comes with almost every type of hydraulic fluid. But the ones with the most consistent results and reputations for Bobcat alternatives are described below:


Mobil produces a variety of hydraulic oils that are widely used in construction machinery like Bobcat loaders and excavators. Hydraulic fluids from Mobile like Mobile DTE15M, and Mobil 242 are known for their excellent protection and performance. So you can pick this brand without any worry.

Best Brands for Picking Bobcat Hydraulic Fluid Equivalent

Source: SSU Lubricants


Another great alternative is Chevron. Hydraulic oils from Chevron are known for their high-quality base oils and additives that protect against wear, corrosion, and oxidation.

Chevron HyTran or Chevron THF1000  can be a great alternative for Bobcat hydraulic oils.


The parent company of Mobil, ExxonMobile also produces a good range of high-performance lubricants. Their reliable fluid will offer great protection and performance in demanding applications.

So, you can easily pick this hydraulic oil as an equivalent to Bobcat hydraulic oil. 


AMSOIL offers a range of hydraulic oils that may be considered potential alternatives for Bobcat hydraulic oil. These include AMSOIL ISO 46 100% Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil, AMSOIL ISO 32 100% Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil etc.


Castrol hydraulic oils are known to be suitable for various hydraulic systems. These oils provide corrosion resistance, and stability under intensive operating conditions and wear protection.

Castrol Hyspin VG 32, and Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus 46 can be notable alternatives for your Bobcat machinery.

Any one of these brands will be a great alternative for your machinery’s hydraulic oil. But before making the final decision, double-check the specifications to be sure.

Should I Use AW32 or AW46?

AW32 is better suited for cold temperatures, while AW46 is best suited to older equipment at moderate temperatures. AW32 is a good all-season fluid best suited for use in cooler outside temperatures during the fall, winter, and early spring months.

AW46 is designed to handle the summer heat and in areas that don’t see much of a seasonal cool-down.

AW 46 hydraulic oil is used to operate the hydraulic systems in off-road equipment such as dump trucks, excavators, and backhoes. AW 32 hydraulic oil is used in colder weather applications, like in a snow plow’s pump.


Can You Use 20w50 in A Hydrostatic Transmission?

Yes, you can use 20w50 in a hydrostatic transmission. Fuels like 20w50 are designed to withstand hydrostatic transmission demands in ride-on mowers and zero-turn vehicles.

What is the Most Commonly Used Fluid in Hydraulic Systems?

Petroleum-based oil (mineral oil) is the most commonly used hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems. These fluids are the most economically viable and readily available on the market.

What is the Usual Hydraulic Flow Rate of A Bobcat T770?

The usual hydraulic flow rate of a Bobcat T770 is 23 gallons per minute or 87 liters per minute.

End Words

Hopefully, now you’re cleared about what to use as a Bobcat hydraulic oil equivalent. However, before picking any oil, cross-check the specs to ensure you’re picking the right one.

With the above list, it should be quite clear which oils work best. But you can always consult with a professional for more recommendations.


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