Bobcat T76 vs T770 (Which Does The Job Better)

If you’re looking for compact loaders in the market, it’s easy to get lost between the T76 and the T770 for a similar price range and numbers. So, in Bobcat T76 vs T770, which one wins?

Bobcat T770 wins over the Bobcat T76 overall. The T770 has better functionality and specifications. However, the T76 is more fuel-efficient and comfortable. Both belong in the same price range, with The T76 being a little cheaper. 

This is not enough to decide for your investment. So, let’s go over the details bit by bit to make the right choice!

Bobcat T76 vs T770: A Comprehensive Comparison

From a glance, the Bobcat T770 wins in terms of functionality. However, the T76 offers better efficiency.

Aspects Bobcat T76 Bobcat T770
Horsepower 74 hp 94 hp
Dimensions 141.6 x 78 in 141.6 x 72.9 in
Track Width 17.7 in 12.6 in
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 2,900 lb 3,475 lb
Operating Capacity (50% of the tip) 4143 lb 4960 lb
Tipping Load 8285 lb 9929 lb
Operating Weight 10250 lb 10515 lb
Travel Speed/ 2-Speed Option 6.8 mph/ 9.2 mph 6.6 mph/ 10.7 mph
Ground Pressure 6.2 psi 4.2 psi
Fuel Tank 31.7 gal 43.8 gal
Auxiliary Std./High Flow 23.3/30.3 gal/min 23/36.6 gal/min
Reach @ Maximum Height 39.9 in 35.2 in
Track Width 12.6 in 17.7 in
Controls Joystick Hand/foot control and Joystick (Optional)
Price $70,000-$130,000 $70,000-$130,000

The numbers in the table translate to different aspects of the loaders. Check out the next section explaining each factor comparison between the two vehicles. 

Engine Specifications:

The Bobcat T770 is a compact track loader designed for various construction and landscaping applications. Here are some Bobcat T770 specs:

Bobcat T76
Source: Bobcat Company
  • Gross Power: Ranges from 74.3 to 92.0 horsepower
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Rated Operating Capacity: 3,475 lbs (1,577 kg)
  • Tipping Load: 7,850 lbs (3,563 kg)
  • Operating Weight: Approximately 10,327 lbs (4,686 kg)

The Bobcat T76 is a compact track loader with a Tier 4 engine that runs on diesel fuel. Here are some Bobcat T76 specs:

  • Rated operating capacity: 1426 kg
  • Horsepower: 74.0
  • Auxiliary standard flow: 17.6 GPM
  • Fuel tank capacity: 31.7 gal
  • Engine emissions tier: Tier 4 Final

Engine Performance:

The Bobcat T76 engine has a specification of 74hp, and the T770 has an engine specification of 92hp. 

Additionally, it has an impressive horsepower of 74 hp that can handle most heavy lifting work. The 74hp gives it a rated operating capacity of 2,900 lb, which is sufficient for most uses. 

On the other hand, the Bobcat T770 has the Bobcat D24 Diesel Engine that boasts a horsepower of 92 hp. It also has a rated working capacity of 3,475 lb. 

The Bobcat T770’s engine performs better as it has a rated operating capacity of 3,475 lb. That’s higher than the T76’s rated operating capacity of 2,900 lb. 

 However, the Kubota engine of the T76 offers higher fuel efficiency and, therefore, has a higher mileage overall. The mileage difference is negligible, nonetheless. 

Due to the higher hp of the D24 engine, the T770 comes with a fuel tank of 43.8 gallons. Furthermore, the T76 comes with a fuel tank of 31.7 gallons because it requires less fuel. 

So, when it comes to the engine, the Bobcat T770  wins by offering an engine with higher raw horsepower. 

Fuel Efficiency:

The T76 utilizes a Kubota V3307-CR-TE5B engine, which is highly fuel-efficient. This allows the T76 to use less fuel for more work.


Bobcat T770 and T76 offer the same hydraulic system with slightly different auxiliary flows. Therefore, their performance in the hydraulics aspect is similar. 

Bobcat T770
Source: Bobcat Company

Hydraulic System:

Both Bobcat T770 and T76 have a hydraulic system with 3,500 psi quick couplers. They also have two modes of hydraulic flow: std. and high auxiliary flows. 

The 3,500 psi hydraulic system is perfect for absorbing any shock and lifting any load. So, both compact loaders can handle shocks, movements, and load lifting without any issues.

Hydraulic Flow:

The Bobcat T770 has a std auxiliary flow of 23 gal/min, whereas, for the T76, it’s 23.3 gal/min. Additionally, the T770 has a high auxiliary flow of 36.6 gal/min, and for the T76, it’s 30.3 gal/min. 

While both compact loaders have similar standard auxiliary flow, the story changes in high auxiliary flow. That’s because the T770 boasts a much higher auxiliary flow in comparison.

Hydraulic Power:

Due to the bigger high auxiliary flow capacity, the T770 can put out more hydraulic power in comparison to the T76. 

In other words, as high aux. flow is used for heavy-duty attachments; the T770 can support more attachments and can output more power through them. However, the T76 cannot catch up to T770 in terms of heavy-duty attachments. 

Loader Performance:

The Bobcat T770 has better loader performance in comparison to the T76 due to its higher lift capacity and tipping load.

Lift Capacity:

The T770 has a lifting capacity of 3,475 lb, and for the T76, it’s 2,900 lb. Additionally, the tipping load of the T770 is 9,929 lb, and for the T76, it is 8,285 lb. 

So, the Bobcat T770 has a higher lifting capacity than the T76. The higher capacity allows for a lot of loading headroom for the T770. 

In conclusion, the Bobcat T770 boasts a superior loader performance compared to the T76. 

Size and Dimensions:

The Bobcat T76 is longer and has a higher height than the T770. On the other hand, the T770 has a higher width. Additionally, the T770 has a higher weight than the T76. 

The T770 has a maximum reach of 35.2 inches, which is high enough for most heavy activities. But the fuel tank and the engine allow for more attachments and, therefore, higher functionality. Furthermore, The T770 comes with hand and foot controls where you can take joysticks optionally. So, it has both options. 

The larger track width of the T770 allows it to work on even fields with ease. However, working in tight spaces and uneven grounds may pose a challenge. 

On the other hand, The T76 has a maximum reach of 39.9 inches with a track width of 12.6 inches. The lower width often translates to worse balance in comparison to the T770. Additionally, it supports only joysticks. 


The T770 has a height of 81.3 inches, a length of 141.6 inches, and a width of 78 inches. On the other hand, The T76 has a height of 81.8 inches, a length of 147.1 inches, and a width of 72.9 inches. 

Additionally, the T76 has a higher maximum reach of 39.9 inches compared to the 35.2 inches of the T770. 


The T770 weighs 10,575 lb with a ground pressure of 4.2 psi. Conversely, the T76 weighs 10,250 lb with a ground pressure of 6.2 psi. 

Both loaders weigh similarly, but the higher ground pressure can cause issues for T76. You can easily fix the issue by getting wider tracks for the T76, which has additional costs. 

Maintenance Requirements:

Both Bobcat T76 and T770 have back panels for easy access to maintenance. Furthermore, they also offer electronic diagnostics through the display on board. 

So, the operator can easily check the state of their loader on the go and repair the small issues themselves through the easily accessible back panel. However, for more serious issues, consider taking the loaders to the dealers. 

User Reviews:

The Bobcat T770 has more positives than the T76 when it comes to user reviews.

Here’s a look into some of the reviews by users of the T770 and T76. While both loaders provide satisfactory performances, there are pros and cons to both. 

Bobcat T770

The Bobcat T770 has both positives and negatives in the user reviews that we’ve monitored. Here are the common ones from all the reviews:

Pros Cons
  • Engine cools down fast due to faster cooling system.
  • Has the ability to blow leaves and debris out of the ceiling of the cockpit. 
  • Has a 2-speed feature that’s fast and makes a big difference. 
  • The easy monitoring system in the cockpit. 
  • The diesel cap is located in the back panel, which caused inconvenience for many users. 

So, the user reviews were skewed to the positives for the most part. Moving on to the T76.

Bobcat T76

The Bobcat T76 has a lot of pros and cons that we observed from all the user reviews we’ve received:

Pros Cons
  • The attachments are easily swappable.
  • User-friendly and easy monitoring system. 
  • Comfortable seats and conveniently placed air vents
  • Tight washer fluid reservoir cap, therefore there aren’t any leaks in operation. 
  • Many users like the convenient backside camera of the T76.
  • The grease zerk is incompatible with most couplers in the market. 
  • Stock tracks is not wide enough. That causes a loss in stability and a rise in ground pressure. 

So, we’ve observed more pros and cons on the T76, with lesser cons in the T770. The pros of both the loaders are similar for the most part. 

In conclusion, both the loaders perform well from the user reviews and the T76 has two cons that put the T770 on the winner’s pedestal. 

The Verdict: Winner Between Bobcat T76 vs T770

Bobcat T770 has a better engine, hydraulic flow, and weight-ground pressure distribution. Therefore, the Bobcat T770 is the loader to go for.

However, the T76 wins over the T770 in pricing and comfort. While the lower costs may seem attractive, the T770 is the better choice in the long run. So, for those who came for the best in terms of functionality, go for the T770

That’s about it! It’s time to now answer a few of the frequently asked questions before concluding the article.


How Big is a Bobcat T770?

The T770 is 81.3 inches in height, 63.7 inches in length, and 17.7 inches in width. That makes it larger than its peers, like the T76. 

Which Bobcat Tracks are the Best?

The C-pattern bobcat tracks are the best for soft and icy terrains. On the other hand, the zigzag pattern is the best for hard surfaces. 

What is the Smallest Bobcat?

The S70 is Bobcat’s smallest skid-steer loader. It is only 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. 

Final Words

Both Bobcat T76 and T770 are widely recognized in the industry with subtle differences. These differences can be hard to discern. Hopefully, this article cleared the confusion by crowning the winner in Bobcat T76 vs T770.

So, which one suits your needs the best? Comment below to let everyone know. Till then, So long!


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