F150 Tailgate Popping Noise (Reason + Solution)

For more than three decades, the Ford F-150 pickup truck has been the most popular car in the United States. 

After customers urged Ford to build a car that could tow big cargo. And functioned as a workhorse, the Ford Model TT was born in 1917. After Ford complied, the pickup was created.

The tailgate of the F150 can create a popping noise. So, Why is your f150 tailgate popping noise?

The tailgate of your 150 can make a popping noise while pulling up or down. It will not hamper your vehicle but it is pretty annoying for you. The torsion rod of the tailgate may cause it. You need to change the torsion rod to get rid of the popping noise. You also may need to change the tailgate.

In this article, we will know more about it.

F150 Popping Noise

The Ram 1500’s multifunctional tailgate is now being added to the Ford F-150. And some similarities have been spotted.

The tailgate can swing out rather than fold down thanks to a 60/40 split that is present on the left side of the vehicle. 

There is a common problem with the tailgate. It can create a popping sound while pulling down them straight. Though it doesn’t usually do any harm. But it can be really annoying.

The tailgate torsion bar or rod may be the cause. Typically, the left side of the tailgate region will pop or snap.

The tailgate has a torsion rod running through it. Two rubber grommets on this torsion rod keep the bar from contacting the tailgate’s bottom. You can hear the rod smacking the bottom of the tailgate just before it closes. 

But it will happen if they are not in the proper position. It is necessary to move these grommets closer to the rod’s outside margins. On both sides, about 12″ from the road’s end. 

The rod must first be slid out of the tailgate once the two little bolts holding it in place on the passenger side have been loosened.

Grommets should be repositioned around 12 inches from the torsion rod’s ends. Your popping sound will stop if you reassemble. Although it is a pain in the butt, that is the real solution. 

There are access holes that allow you to look through the whole tailgate on both ends of the tailgate. The grommets and rod are visible. You won’t need to take anything apart if you can design something to grip these grommets. 

It will help slide them down the rod. Lubricate the rod, and perhaps try a coat hanger.

It’s the tailgate assist bar/lever, however, member ford bodyman might be able to describe it better if he saw this. You might PM him to ask for further information. The interior of this tailgate is a mystery to me.

Ford Tailgate

Ford increased the F-150 tailgate utility by introducing clamp pockets, pencil holders, and tablet stands for use when the tailgate is lowered.

To improve its utility on construction sites, the 2021 Ford F-150’s tailgate will have a number of additional features.

You also may need to change the whole tailgate. A broken tailgate might be a pain to deal with. Get a premium yet cost-effective aftermarket Ford tailgate replacement to keep your stuff safe.

For models including the F-150, F-250, Ranger, and more, we have a great selection of steel and aluminum tailgates.

Everything is on hand and prepared for shipping. We will get your part shipped in a matter of days if you order at any time. 

In this product table, you can see our recommended items listed below!

According to the model year and generation of your truck, a tailgate can cost different amounts. Normally, OEM replacement components range in price from $100 to $500.

Has Ford Ever Offered a Bendable Tailgate?

For its full-size pickups, Ford is the only one of the Big Three automakers that do not now have a multi-function tailgate. 

In contrast to the GMC Sierra, which debuted the MultiPro tailgate for the 2019 model year, Ram unveiled a multifunction swing-out tailgate on the Ram 1500 for the 2020 model year.

How Do You Replace the Ford Emblem on the Tailgate of an F150? 

The F150 symbol can be replaced by heating the adhesive material off using a heat gun, marking the location, sticking on a new adhesive emblem, and fastening it with fender badges.

This logo is offered in a variety of sizes and materials. The car also has badges with the Ford logo on them.

1. Remove the Adhesive Sticker

The pickup’s side doors are often where the adhesive logo is attached. Due to scratches, these plastic logos deteriorate over time and also start to seem dull.

You should have a heat gun handy to warm it up before removing it. A hairdryer can also be used for this.

It must be heated in order to remove its hold on the car. The adhesive gum on the inside of it is easily melted by heat.

You should have access to the body inside in order to remove it. To reveal the grill’s nuts and bolts, remove the grill.

After that, remove each bolt from its location. Usually, two to three bolts are used to secure it in place. Open each one individually.

The badge can then be taken off with your hands. Open them by shifting them to the opposing side when clips are holding them.

It will release its hold, making removal simple. This method can also be used to replace the front turn signal bulb in your pickup.

2. Mark the Location

Marking is necessary to identify the location of the fix. You should clean the surface before marking.

When the adhesive substance is removed, some glue is typically left behind on the surface.

Any adhesive remover should be used to get rid of it.

To start, use a knife to scratch the extra adhesive. After that, wipe it down with water and a cleaning agent. Spirit can also be used to get rid of glue that won’t budge.

Next, mark the area with a dark marker. Mark the areas where it will attach with large dots. The screw hole is already there for the badge in this instance.

The surface paint can occasionally adhere to the adhesive paper. You might also paint it with a light coating. It will act as a shield to stop rusting.

Its installation is a simple process. Take it first, then clean the dirt off of it. Next, cut a tiny piece of adhesive-backed paper from it.

After that, gently lay it in the designated location. Place it correctly so that the edges touch the designated spot. To secure it in place, you can also add more adhesive to the surface.

The paper should be torn completely from this section once it has thoroughly adhered to the surface. After that, secure the last side of the location.

Use your hands to completely adhere it to the car. To even out the surface, use any spatula.

Remember that no air bubble should get caught behind the logo throughout this process. Its aesthetic appeal may suffer as a result of possible air-induced tiny wrinkles.

After pressing it to the surface, remove the plastic lamination from it.

3. Set Up Fender Decals

It has two to three pins on the back, and after putting the pins in the side holes, you can firmly press it.

Place it there and press down, fitting it to the designated region. Bolts and a screwdriver are required in the case of screws.

Place it there and secure it with all the bolts by screwing them in. Carefully tighten the bolt nuts to prevent them from losing their hold. To hold the clips in place while they are present, rotate the pins’ gripping side.


What distinguishes a 2020 F-150 from a 2021 F-150?

The 2020 F-150’s basic trims had 4.2-inch touchscreens, but the 2021 model will have an eight-inch touchscreen instead. The larger 12-inch touchscreen is included with the higher variants. It is powered by the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto SYNC4 infotainment system.

What year did the Ford F150’s body change?

From 1961 until 1966, The Fourth Generation was developed. Once more, a fresh look with a distinct difference in appearance appeared. Everything changed in 1965 when the Twin-I-Beam front suspension was introduced. It was a feature of the F-150 until 1996 and the F-250 and F-350 4×2 until 2016.

What kind of engine was never available in a Ford pickup?

Ford offered two choices of turbo diesel engines for the first-generation Super Duty in Brazil that were never available in the United States. Some featured four-speed automatics and 3.9-liter Cummins B-series engines, while others had MWM’s 4.2-liter inline-six domestically built engines. MWM is a Brazilian division of Navistar.


I hope you have learned why the f150 tailgate makes a popping noise. There can be many reasons behind it.

You need to identify the reason and then solve it. You also may need to change the whole tailgate.

That’s all for today.

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