About Jerry Ellis

Fatboys Offroad, Inc. was founded and started operations in the fall of 2002 by me, Jerry Ellis.

I’ve been a Jeeper since high school with my first vehicle being a 1978 CJ-5. My current wheelin’ vehicle is a copper-colored 1985 CJ-7 affectionately named Penny.

I’ve never owned anything but Jeep vehicles until recently when I bought a diesel truck for the extra cargo and towing capacity.

I’ve always wanted to start a company like this but never had the opportunity until now. My focus is Jeep vehicles but may expand into truck accessories in the future.

From the Manufacturers box located on the lower left of the web page, you can see some of the manufacturers that I sell products from. I can get stuff from others so if you don’t see what you want let me know what you’re looking for.

So why should you buy from me? What advantage do I have over the big guys? That’s easy to answer. Experience is the first thing.

I’m not some salesman that was selling lawnmowers or whatever last week. I have a financial stake in the company. I’ve used my own money to start this company and would like not to lose it. I don’t sell anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

That is, I’m not selling cheap junk. And one of the big things is customer service. I do my best to treat all my customers in the same way that I would like to be treated if I were the customer. Sometimes there are problems or mistakes with an order.

I think any reasonable person realizes that. But what I’ve learned over the years is that it’s how you handle the problem that counts. I promise that if you aren’t happy with your order that I will deal with it as quickly and as fairly as possible.

I’ve seen many online retailers yap about shipping customers their products from one of their many warehouses. i.e. “If we don’t have it in stock at our main location we’ll ship it from one of our many warehouse locations.”

The implication is the those warehouses belong to them when in reality they belong to their distributors. These guys are trying to make themselves look bigger and more successful than they really are.

What a load of crap! Fatboys Offroad, Inc. doesn’t stock everything they sell and there is a reason for it. Pure and simple it’s money.

If I have an item sitting on one of my shelves waiting for an order then that means that I’ve paid to have it shipped to me. Then, when you place your order the item gets shipped again to you. Who do you think pays for the shipping to let it sit on my shelve?

It gets worked into the cost of the item so the answer is that the customer does. So unless you are in my showroom it does it really matter if I have it in stock? I’m doing that to help keep my costs down.

This logic doesn’t apply to all products but certainly to the big-ticket items. However, I’m stocking more and more items as deals land on my desk.

If you’ve got questions about a product or the company, please email me at jerry@fatboysoffroad.com.