JLG Boom Lift Warning Lights Meaning (A Quick Guide)

Warning lights of the JLG boom lift are essential for the safe and efficient operations of the machine.

So, what are the JLG boom lift warning lights’ meaning and their reasons?

The meaning of the JLG boom lift warning lights is different depending on the situation. If your control panel is flashing a Red light, you need to shut it down promptly and fix it.

For Yellow light, it means there’s an unusual activity in the system. The green light means everything is functional. JLG boom lifts have several warning lights, including:

  • Boom Control System Warning Indicator
  • Tilt Alarm Warning Light and Alarm
  • Boom Control System Light
  • Function speeds.

Want to know more about these lights and their reasons? We’ll jump right into the details:

What Does JLG Boom Lift Warning Lights Mean?

In any machinery operator’s dashboard, a set of three warning lights indicate action to be taken. Similarly, JLG boom lifts have warning lights indicating different situations, here’s an overview of them:

Light ColorMeaning
Red Warning LightNeeds to stop the lift operations immediately.
Green LightSafe to use the lift/ normal operation light.
Yellow or Amber Warning lightAbnormal operation condition. Check immediately and fix the problem.

Now you have an idea of what each color means. Let’s take a closer look at why each of them might be tipped off-

JLG boom lifts Operations and Safety Manual

Red Warning Light

The red warning light or indicator light in the platform control panel can be triggered in five different situations

Level System Fault Indicator

This red light flashes along with an alarm. If this light is flashing in the panel, it means there’s something wrong with the electronic leveling system.

This happens when the boom is elevated more than its horizontal limit of 15 degrees. It can also start flashing if it’s extended beyond 30.5 cm.

You need to immediately shut the machine down when this light starts flashing. Restart the machine and check if the problem persists. If it does then bring it back to the stowed position and repair the leveling system. Check your manual for exact leveling instructions.

Platform Overload Indicator (If Equipped)

This light flashing means the platform is overloaded. You need to keep a close eye on the loading capability of your lift to avoid this.

To solve this problem, bring the platform back down and reload it within its limit. It’s better to do rounds carrying the load than to overload the platform and the machine to start malfunctioning.

Tilt Alarm Warning Light and Alarm

This light will flash with an alarm sound when the machine is in slope position. The boom is usually above the transport position in such a situation.

You need to retract the boom within its limited position when this light is flashing. Make sure to check the manual for its recommended horizontal extension limit. This is to extract the boom properly. After that, you need to position your chassis correctly on leveled ground.

Cable Service Indicator

This red JLG warning light means that the cables of the boom are damaged. It can be worn out or loose.

In this case, you have to shut down the machine and check the cables properly. Retighten them in the joint places. If any cables are worn out replace them with new ones.

Boom Control System Warning Indicator

This light will also flash with an alarm indicating the boom is out of its operating area. Certain boom functions such as the telescope and lift will be disabled because of this.

You need to retract the platform back to the ground as soon as possible. This should stop the flashing light. If not then it means the control system failure has been detected. In that case, only authorized JLG personnel can help you fix the issue.

Yellow Warning Light

The yellow light indicates an abnormal situation that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged permanently. Here are the situations you can expect the yellow light to flash:

Drive Orientation Indicator

This yellow light flashes when the boom tires are way further in opposite directions.

To stop this light driver needs to control the tires in the reversed situation and put it in the proper direction. Otherwise, the light will keep on flashing.

System Distress Indicator

This light flashes when the system memory detects a trouble or JLG fault code situation. This means an abnormal situation has triggered a specific code in the JLG control system.

You need to check your specific model manual to solve this particular situation.

Glow Plug Indicator

This is not a warning sign. This light flashes indicating the plugs are operating properly and usually flashes when the key is in ignition.

You need to wait till this yellow light turns off before you can start your JLG engine.

Platform Capacity Indicator

Two lights are indicating the platform’s capacity – one green and one yellow.

One of the lights is supposed to stay ON always in operation. If both of them are flashing at the same time, it means it’s out of its capacity. You need to check your boom lift’s capacity and rearrange it accordingly.

Green Light

Green light means the machine is in proper operating condition except in the case of the Platform Capacity. Here are the possible situations of green light flashing:

AC Generator Indicator

This light simply illuminates when the generator is working. There’s no need to worry when this light flashes.

Footswitch/Enable Indicator

A footswitch or Enable switch is necessary to activate all boom controls. When the engine is running, the enable switch needs to be held “DOWN” to activate all boom controls. The green light is supposed to flash in this case.

If the green light is not working then it means there’s a problem with the switch or the electrical system is facing a problem. You need professional help in this case.

Creep Speed Indicator

This light indicates that all functions of the boom lift are set at the lowest speed. This will continue to flash until the speed is changed.

Simply crank up the speed level of the functions. Although creep speed is not an alarming issue.

Platform Capacity Indicator

Along with the Yellow platform capacity indicator light, there’s a green light also. If only the green platform capacity light flashes then it’s no issue. But if both of them are flashing at the same time, the capacity needs to be rechecked as soon as possible.

If both of the lights are flashing at the same time then you need to turn off the machine. Recheck its capacity limit and arrange it accordingly.

Axles Set indicator

This light illuminates when the axle is retracting or completely extended. This light turns off only when the axle is retracted back to its original position.

These are all the warning lights and the reasons behind them. Along with these lights, check the battery charge, engine oil pressure, and hydraulic fluid levels. This will avoid situations like low oil pressure and engine problems.

How to Avoid Tripping the JLG Boom Lift Warning Lights?

To maintain a JLG boom lift and avoid triggering warning lights, you can follow these:

  • Conduct regular inspections of the boom lift to ensure all systems are functioning properly. Check the battery, engine oil, and hydraulic fluid levels to prevent unexpected warnings.
  • Consult the operation and safety manual for the specific JLG boom lift model to understand the meaning of each warning light.
  • Ensure that operators are properly trained in the use of the boom lift and understand the significance of the warning lights. This can help prevent accidents and damage to the equipment.

By following these tips, operators can maintain a JLG boom lift and minimize the risk of triggering warning lights.


What is the Meaning of the Warning Light of the JLG Boom Control System?

The meaning of the warning light of the JLG Boom Control System is the machine is in danger. It also runs the risk of the whole machine being tipped over as well.

What Is the Necessary Safety Requirement for Operating JLG?

The necessary safety requirement for operating JLG is to wear a fall/travel restraint system. It needs to be worn within the platform along with authorized lanyard anchored points holding the lanyard.

Where is the Load Sensor of the Lift Located on JLG?

The load sensor of the lift located on JLG is on the support structure. It is right behind the operator controls and positioned below it. Your operations manual of the specific JLG lift will have a picture with clear indications of its location. You must carry the manual book at all times while operating the lift.

End Words

That’s the end of our discussion on the JLG boom lift warning lights meaning. These warning lights are essential for the safe operation of the machine.

Along with three main color lights, the additional warning lights are essential for the operations. Keep a close eye on the dashboard to pick up the warning signals as soon as they come up to avoid any danger.


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