Mazda 6 Charging System Malfunction (9 Reasons)

Sometimes, simple or repetitive mistakes can be very critical for your Mazda 6. Owning a car isn’t enough, you need to be very careful with the maintenance and management system. 

Otherwise, problems like Mazda 6 charging system malfunctions can occur anytime. And it is not something to ignore. 

So, what are the causes of the Mazda 6 charging system malfunction?

The Mazda 6 charging system malfunctions appear on the display unit for a few reasons. Whenever the vehicle’s operating voltage falls beneath 12 volts owing to a fault with the charging system. Alternatively, old or weak batteries, wrong connections, and frequent mistakes could be responsible too.

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So sit right back and give it a go. Keep reading the following segments to know every reason that might cause your Mazda 6 charging system to malfunction. 

Mazda 6 Charging System Malfunction: Explained It All

While driving, sometimes you can see a message ‘charging system malfunction’ on your Mazda display.

The warning message might appear as a result of anything as simple as keeping the lights or headlights on while the vehicle is turned off. 

This causes the battery to be discharged below 12.4 volts, causing the Mazda battery charging system to malfunction. If the car starts, park it in a secure position and leave it running for at least 15 to 20 minutes. 

Over this period, the engine will recharge the batteries, and the warning sign will be turned off the next moment you start the engine.

Remove any electrical items hooked into the vehicle while the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, the car battery will take longer to charge.

If the warning notice does not disappear, you need to do some more investigation to identify what’s really happening. Among the most prevalent issues that might cause this alert are mentioned below.

Reason 1: Aged Primary Battery

One of the most typical causes of Mazda’s charging system malfunction is the age of the primary battery. Which might also no longer retain a charge.

To check if the automobile battery is in excellent working order, you can use a battery tester. 

Alternatively, you may go to the local auto shop and have the batteries and charging system examined for free.

Reason 2: Faulty Alternator

The second most typical cause of the Mazda 6 charging system malfunction is a faulty alternator.

One of the most prevalent symptoms of a faulty battery in the Mazda 6 is dimming headlights. Dim headlights signal that the battery is unable to provide the energy demand for the lights.

The headlights would start to dim as your Mazda 6 consumes the electricity stored in the battery.

Many automobile attachments demand a significant amount of electricity. When the alternator fails, electric windows, the blowers motor, heated seats, as well as the audio system will operate irregularly or not at all.

The worst case will turn into a dead battery of a damaged alternator, aside from the battery warning light. When the engine can no longer generate enough power for your Mazda 6, it will start drawing from the battery’s reserve.

Reason 3: Installing Wrong Batteries

Upgrading to a new battery that does not fit Mazda specifications might cause this malfunction to appear.

Like, if you install a standard battery in a Mazda 6 that needs another battery like the Q85 EFB battery. So you are installing a battery that does not satisfy the criteria. 

If your Mazda needs an 850 CCA battery but you add a 600 CCA battery, you may get unexpected problems. Other specifications include AGM or lead-acid battery type and battery capacity.

Check up the battery specs in your Mazda’s owner’s handbook before acquiring a replacement battery. 

Alternatively, if the battery in the automobile is the same battery, the battery specifications will be displayed on the top. EFB is also required for Mazda cars equipped with top technology.

Reason 4: Malfunction of i-ELOOP

Basically, the i-ELOOP accomplishes three operations. These are: ‘regeneration, ‘usage’ and ‘storage.’ It employs a variable voltage generator, a huge capacitor, and a specific DC-DC converter. 

A standard alternator charges at roughly 12 volts (V), but the i-variable ELOOP’s power generator could modify the voltage output from 14 V – 30V.

In response to the operating voltage of the capacitors, allowing power to be continuously supplied to the capacitor.

Some of the i-ELOOP elements could malfunction. Data should be read using a Mazda decoder to rectify the issue.

Reason 5: Making Frequent Short Trips

If you make numerous short trips in a short period of time. You may not have sufficient time to charge the battery of your Mazda 6.

The issue is more obvious in cold weather since battery capacity reduces as the temperature outdoors drops. 

Though you can solve the problem. Try to consider taking a long journey each week or utilizing a battery trickling charger. The battery may be completely charged with a 12v Dc Car Security Battery Charger. 

You will need to have a wall outlet for this. Throughout this procedure, the batteries will be recharged at a modest rate, for example, 3 Amperes, however, this approach assures that the battery also isn’t harmed or may be recharged to its maximum capacity.

Reason 6: A Loose or Faulty Grounding Connection

A faulty grounding link may potentially result in Mazda 6 charging system malfunction. If you have a faulty or loose connection in your car, it might be difficult to find. As it might be anywhere. 

And Mazda has thousands of connections inside the vehicle.  The very first factor to look for is a loose grounding link between both the engine and the car structure.

Reason 7: Weak Battery Terminals

This signal might also be triggered by damaged or weak battery connections. When you change the battery as well as the energy storage system continues to fail, make sure that battery connectors remain secure and therefore do not slide.

Reason 8: Software Bugs

This error code in your Mazda 6 might be caused by a software bug. Check with your local Mazda vendor to see whether your car has by far the most recent software installed or not. 

If the error code P1794 – Capacitors Malfunction seems to be detected, then you should first perform a PCM update. Throughout most circumstances, PCM upgrades will resolve the problem, and the error messages will be cleared.

Reason 9: Faulty Driving Belts

A damaged driving belt might also produce this warning message. The driving belt begins to slide as it ages, producing battery issues. Similar problems might occur on a fresh belt if you drive through puddles.

Water might spill onto the drive belt, leading it to slip. Even as the drive belt slides, it causes charging system as well as iEloop issues.

The Ultimate Solution 

The ultimate solution is to recharge your battery. But if recharging doesn’t solve the problem and quit the alarm, then look into the matter. 

If you are solving the problem by recharging, the engine. Then keep that in mind, while charging the battery, never leave the car alone.

You can also diagnose your faulty Mazda 6 battery or just replace it with a new one. 

Sometimes, it gets too complicated that you will not be able to fix it yourself. You need to seek expert help.

So, contact your nearby Mazda servicing center and get the job done easily. And if you do any mistakes while fixing them on your own, it might invite more trouble. 


What occurs if the alternator fuse fails Mazda?

These fuses fail over time or if there occurs a power spike. The alternator would fail in these instances, and the batteries will not charge. If you’ve got a faulty alternator, consult your owner’s handbook to determine where the generator fuse is located in the vehicle or whether it has burnt.

Why is the Mazda engine not charging?

Engine System Failure (in some cases). The most typical cause of Mazda battery management system failure is the age of the primary battery, that might fail to retain a charge. To check if the automobile battery is in excellent working order, use a battery tester.

What happens if the battery on a Lexus 6 screws up?

When the alternator will not generate enough power for the 6, this will start to draw from the current battery reserve. When this battery reserve reaches a particular level, the car will begin to operate erratically but will no longer simply start once the key is turned.

Wrapping Up

So, hopefully, now you can understand the reasons for the Mazda 6 charging malfunction. Also, you know how to get rid of this problem now.

However, if you think you can’t deal with it then just go for professional help. Also, to clear any kind of confusion, drop the questions here.

Best of luck with fixing your Mazda and have a fun driving experience!


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