Mazda CX-7 Window Grinding Noise (2 Fixes)

Windows making grinding noises is not a pleasant sound. This can be annoying while you’re driving and distract you.

It is also unsafe as the windows could be stuck and not roll up. Leads to things getting stolen from your car. But don’t worry, fixing this grinding noise is very simple. 

So, how to fix the Mazda cx-7 window grinding noise?

There are a couple of ways that you can fix this problem. One is removing the regulator, which can be a little time-consuming. You could also use simpler methods like lubricating, warm water, detergent, and a really thin stick to dislodge or pliers. It is either very complicated or very simple. 

Although we’re saying it’s complicated, we’ve made that step easy as well. Steer yourself into this article that will make all this very simple!

Why There Is a Grinding Noise

There are several reasons why you are facing Mazda cx 7 power window problems. But the biggest reason is a broken regulator. The regulator is the main equipment inside the door that works the glass.

Once this regulator starts to display problems, weird sounds start coming from the window. Sometimes because the regulator not working the window will just fall inside the door. Some other reasons can be the seals could be drying out. 

The seals could be drying because of the intense heat of the sun.     

How to Fix the Mazda CX-7 Window Grinding Noise

Given below are some of the ways you can solve the issue.

1. Installing New Regulator

As we have mentioned above, the main culprit could be the regulator. So, if that is the case for you, do not worry. Because installing a new regulator is very simple. 

Things you will need:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Tape 
  • 10-millimeter socket 
  • Philip screwdriver 

Now that you have gathered all the items let’s begin. The first thing you will do is loosen the Philip screw inside the handle. After this look inside the door handle area. 

You will notice a plastic cover inside the door handle. Grab your flathead screwdriver and remove it. This will expose a Philip screw, remove it. 

The next thing is to remove the plastic cover beside the side view mirror. It can be popped right off. Then start pulling the door panel from the left side with a flathead screwdriver. 

With some force, you get the door panel off. Don’t pull too hard because there are wires attached to it. You’ll notice one connector to the door handle, just pop that right off. 

This will let you remove the panel a bit more, with more wires getting exposed. Just push the tabs of the wires to remove them. The door panel will then come right off. 

You will notice that the handle will remain hung, no need to worry about that. The next step is to tape the window glass so it does not fall. Or you can have someone hold it.

From the fully exposed insides of the door remove the window motor first. This you can do by removing the three 10-millimeter screws. Followed by pushing the tabs in. 

Now remove the main thing, the regulator. It is held on by two 10-millimeter nuts. Then untape the glass and push it all the way down. Remove the two plastic caps in the middle of the door that are holding the window. 

After removing the caps you’ll have access to two holes. These two holes are holding the window to the regulator. Push the regulator enough to where you’ll see white pieces in the holes. 

Those white pieces will have bolts that you need to loosen. And while doing this hold the glass up again. Then to loosen the regulator remove the screws. 

Now to remove the big black plastic pop the connector along the power lock actuators. Loosen the screws holding the plastic on the left side of the door. Then go ahead and disconnect the connectors for the power window.  

After you have removed all the screws. Put your hand behind the back of black plastic and pull it all the way out. Then remove the old regulator.

Then take the new regulator and put it in the place of the old one. And put all the 10-millimeter screws back into place. Do not forget to reconnect the connectors back. 

Same for the side view mirror connector. Then untape the window glass. And go ahead and slide it to the two holes that are in the door. 

Then put the rubber covers back into place. Then take the window motor and install it back into place. During this, you may have to pull your window up and down to get the gears to line up correctly. 

Now that you’ve got the motor back on. Get the door panel and stick it back into place. Don’t forget to reconnect the three main connectors first.

Then get the door handle back through the hole. Reconnect the connector that is attached to the door lock. Feed the small wire through the same hole of the door lock so that the door locks work.

Finish by pushing very hard on the bottom of the door so that the clips sit in place. 

We’ve provided some really good regulators below!

These regulators will not disappoint you.  

2. Unjamming

Sometimes your car window makes grinding noise because of something getting stuck. And these things could be the cause of damaged mechanisms or blown-out fuses. It’s not always that you have to get inside the car door. 

You could resort to simpler solutions that will not require so much labor. Sometimes the channel liner could get misplaced. The simplest thing you could do to fix it is to pull the liners up. 

Pliers can help to pull up the liners. Use contact cement to glue it in the right place. You could also spray the channel liners with silicone glue.

Windows could also get stuck because of bird droppings, tree sap, or some other liquid. You could unlodge it by using a toothbrush, compressed air, warm water, or detergent. 

Resetting Windows 

Before getting into changing the regulator and other similar procedures. You can try the Mazda cx 7 power window reset.

Let’s look at the procedure below. 

  • Get your car activated
  • Then lock all the windows and doors.
  • Get the window opened by long pressing the control switch of the window. 
  • After this just close the window, lifting the window control switch and holding it there. After this is done you can lift and hole for a few more minutes. 

If these procedures don’t work there are other ways you can reset your Mazda cx-7 windows. 


Given below are some questions that might come across your mind as well.

Is it possible for a power window to manually roll up?

Yes. You need to grip the window between the palms of both your hands. And then pull up with a bit of force. Another thing you can do is by holding the window shutter. Hold the window shutter from the bottom and top. Then tighten the nut that holds the regulator ledge to the window. Then pull! 

Can a window motor be replaced if I don’t replace a regulator?

No, you do not need to replace it. However, you do need to disconnect it. Because the regulator stays connected with the motor. So, in order to remove the motor, you will need to disconnect it from the old one. Then connect to the new one. 

What is the reason for my electric window not going up?

There are many reasons for your electric window to stop rolling up. The reasons may be a blown-out fuse, or the electrical controls being prevented from working. Also, the safety lock which is meant for the child could be turned on. The window motor could also malfunction. 

Is it possible for a car window to fall off track?

Yes, it is possible for a car window to fall off track. The most common reason for this could be a cable that is faulty. So, to avoid this problem every now and then check the cables which are on the inside of your car. Make sure that they are connected to the motor properly. Check for any damages.

Which are good lubricants for car window tracks?

Dry Teflon and silicone spray are two good lubricants for car window tracks. Silicones get rid of the wear and help the windows to slide smoothly. 


We hope now after this your Mazda cx-7 window grinding noise has been fixed. Although changing the regulator is a long process we’d like to think we’ve made it simple for you. 

If your window is making a grinding noise even after replacing the regulator. Immediately call a professional!

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